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My feet are unrecognisable
"Thanks for the opportunity to buy the marvellous 'Pedilux'. My feet are unrecognisable after 3 months. For years I have wished that such a system was available - thanks again. "
Mrs. M.G. Derby

The Pedilux Footcare System

The Pedilux is an incredibly effective system designed specifically to soothe and care for your feet, fingers and nails. Precision designed, in Switzerland, Pedilux will cure your foot and nail problems easily, quickly and safely - and it is simple to use!

Pedilux footcare systems are electrically powered so they are an effortless, time saving, way to keep your feet and nails feeling, and looking, good.

Use it for shortening and shaping your nails, for tackling troublesome foot or toe-nail problems, and you'll find the Pedilux a tremendous boon.

Painful Feet Effect Your Well Being

Pedilux is a quick and easy solution to painful toes and feet. Your feet carry more weight and pressure than any other body part. The older we get the more punishment our toes and feet have to endure, so even wearing our most comfortable shoes can be a misery. Caring for your feet can be a real chore, particularly if you're not as supple as you once were and have trouble reaching your toes. Foot sprays and creams might give some temporary relief but to tackle the problem properly we need the assistance of professional equipment.

The Professionals Choice

Pedilux is a precision engineered footcare system developed by Swiss experts from tools used by top Chiropodists. Pedilux makes caring for your feet a quick and simple task!

If you suffer discomfort and pain related to difficult nails, corns and hard skin, why not take a no risk trial of this professional footcare equipment?

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