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"I have used my Pedilux for over 5 years. I treat calluses on my wife's feet and file her toenails. I also use Pedilux on my own finger and toe nails - much quicker and efficiently than using standard scissors and nail file. I would like to say how pleased I am and that I recommended Pedilux to many others"
Dr. J.E.R.

Coarse Grained Cone


The Coarse Grained Grinding Cone is a rougher version of the standard Grinding Cone for more robust treatment of callouses and hard skin. This tool enables you to remove callouses and hard skin from heels, the foot sole or any other pressure point on your feet, toes and fingers.

Leaving your skin smooth and soft. The Coarse Grained Grinding Cone also painlessly and quickly restores thick or deformed nails to great shape.

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