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My feet are unrecognisable
"Thanks for the opportunity to buy the marvellous 'Pedilux'. My feet are unrecognisable after 3 months. For years I have wished that such a system was available - thanks again. "
Mrs. M.G. Derby

Patented and Built to Last

Pedilux footcare systems are supplied as standard with five interchangeable instruments that trim, file shape and polish. All the tools 'click' securely into place using a patented magnetic locking system. The benefit of the system is that while securely locking the instruments in place for use it allows the tools to be removed with ease when changing tools.

The grinding instruments are built to last and are encrusted with genuine sapphire, ensuring they are virtually everlasting.

Standard tools included with Pedilux system These instruments are included with the Profi and Two-Way systems, however, it is advisable, for hygiene reasons, to have a second set of tools if the system is to be shared. All instruments can be bought separately.

Sapphire Oblong Grinder The Felt Polishing Cone

is used for smoothing and polishing the borders and surfaces of nails. The Felt Polishing Cone keeps your nails mirror smooth for the perfect finish.

Sapphire Oblong Grinder The Sapphire Oblong Grinder

is designed specifically for treating in-grown toe nails. Starting in the front corners, file your nails free and without fear. There is no risk of injury. Also used for treating crumbly nails or those infected by mycosis - especially on the underside.

Sapphire Spheric Grinder The Sapphire Spheric Grinder

is used for removing corns.
When removing corns grind them flat, then work on the thorn in the middle, holding the instrument horizontally.

Additional Instruments

As well as the five instruments included with the Pedilux Profi and Pedilux Two Way we offer 5 additional tools, sold individually.

The Sapphire Coarse Grained Grinder

is a rougher version of the standard grinding cone for more robust treatment.

The Extra Long Sapphire Grinding Cone

is a larger version of the Sapphire Grinding Cone - almost double in length. This instrument allows treatment of large areas, bringing even quicker relief.

The Diamond Flame

The Diamond Flame and Oblong Grinder (supplied as standard) are designed for treatment of in-grown toe nails. We strongly recommend the Diamond Jet is only used by practitioners as it has a sharp point on the end. Definitely not suitable for use by Diabetics

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